British Motor Car Distributors Service Roll of Honor

Service Roll of Honor Q1 2016

Congratulations to Eddie Sunarto

Eddi Sunarto grew up in Indonesia, and his interest in cars started when he was 18 years old. Eddi obtained his Bachelors of Science degree in Mechanical Engineering while in Indonesia. Eddi then worked at the Toyota manufacturer in the engine plant for a year where his interest in Japanese cars grew, but he always wanted to work on luxury cars. After coming to the U.S in 2001, Eddi continued his education and completed his Associates Degree Automotive Engineering at Skyline College.

Eddi's love for luxury vehicles led him to pursue his dreams further, and he started working at BMC in 2005 and has been a technician here for 11 years. Eddi is a Certified Land Rover Master Technician and a Gold Certified Jaguar Technician.

Eddi's favorite cars to work on are Land Rovers for their extensive off-road capabilities and Jaguar's for their advanced technology. Eddi's goals for the future are to continue to learn and grow and work towards advanced certifications within Jaguar and Land Rover.

Congratulations to Ben Edelman

Ben Edelman's interest in cars started when he was very young while watching action movies with car chase scenes. The first in his family to work in the auto industry, Ben pursued his career after high school and soon knew that he had found his passion. Ben likes to work on project-oriented tasks; working with his hands and fixing things has always been exciting to him. Ben has a strong drive to see a project through to completion, and to ensure that it has been done properly, efficiently and safely.

Ben first started with BMC in 2009 as an Apprentice. In just two short years Ben became a full-time Certified Land Rover and Jaguar technician. In Ben's six years here with BMC he has grown in his career quite a bit including becoming a Gold Certified Technician for Jaguar and Land Rover; an accomplishment he is very proud of. He attributes his growth and success to his team, particularly his Service Director who gives him the tools and support he needs to excel.

During his time at BMC, the biggest advancement Ben has seen in the Jaguar and Land Rover technology is the introduction of the In-Control Integration and how it has changed how customers connect with their vehicles. He always looks forward to enhancing technology with Jaguar and Land Rover and he is excited for the advancements that are coming in the next generation of vehicles.

In his free time, Ben enjoys working on his own Jaguar and Go-Karting with his friends. In the next five years, Ben would like to become a Master Certified Technician with Jaguar and Land Rover. With the drive and talent that Ben has, we are confident that he will accomplish his next goal in his career.

Congratulations to Nick Pollard: Master Automobile Technician

Nick Pollard is the 4th generation in his family to pursue a career in automotive industry. Nick has always been around cars, growing up he would help his Dad work on Hot Rods. His Dad was also on a racing team, which inspired Nick to learn more about what his Dad did. His interest grew significantly at the age of 15 in High School Auto Shop. He started out working at local Body Shops and Speed Shops, soaking up all the information he could.

Nick has always has been driven to advance his career further, and to continue to learn and grow in his industry. Nick's interest began to shift to exotic and luxury cars with their ever-changing and evolving technology. With that, came the motivation to learn and expand his knowledge within the Exotics industry, constantly pushing himself to the next level.

Nick started with us at BMC two years ago, and says that "getting hired at BMC launched my career, I am proud to work with the Land Rover and Jaguar brands and I really enjoy it too, being able to provide for my family at a place I am proud to work is a bonus." The support from Nick's family allowed him to work hard and achieve the prestigious title from the National Institute for Automotive Service Excellence "Master Automobile Technician".

Nick believes in the importance of quality customer service, and he really enjoys teaching people about their cars, especially with the advanced technology of Jaguar and Land Rover brands.

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